Friday, November 27, 2020
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‘A Sapir Sampler’ features the great outdoors

A collection of articles – 167 of them – by veteran and prize-winning  author Glenn Sapir has been thoughtfully selected and published in a  new, leatherette-bound volume, “A Sapir Sampler: Favorites by an  Outdoor Writer.”

Sapir has enjoyed a long and storied career, not only having written  for a wide variety of publications, but also having been the first  person to serve on the editorial staffs of what was considered “The  Big Three” of outdoor magazines – Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and  Sports Afield. He also contributed the outdoor column to The Journal  News (N.Y.) and its predecessors for 27 years.

Sapir’s writing has been recognized with an impressive list of awards,  including lifetime excellence in craft honors from the Outdoor Writers  Association of America and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor  Writers. He has been inducted into the New York State Outdoorsmen’s  Hall of Fame.

“Having retired from full-time work in 2014, after first beginning my  career in 1970, I had amassed a collection of more than a thousand  feature articles and columns I’d written for a variety of magazines  and newspapers,” Sapir said. “I wanted to select some of my favorites  from 1970 until, as it turned out, 2018, and share them with family,  friends and interested readers.”

What was originally envisioned to be a small collection grew to a  480-page book. The articles are divided into four categories – Family  and Friends, Destinations and Adventures, Interesting People and Mixed  Bag – and the articles range from fishing for char in an Arctic Ocean  tributary to angling for peacock bass in the Amazon basin.

The hunting articles vary from pursuing caribou and moose in remote  Newfoundland to stalking mule deer in Montana’s Missouri Breaks. Mixed  with those many far-flung adventures are accounts of outings close to  home in the author’s beloved Hudson Valley (New York). The subject  matter includes hiking, camping, photography, rafting, tubing, camping  and other outdoor recreation.

The interesting people whom Sapir has met and about whom he was  written cover a cross-section of notables, from a future vice  president of the United States, a World War II Congressional Medal of  Honor Award recipient and a Hall of Fame sports broadcaster to  professional athletes and singers and the co-founder of a retailing  giant.

Lesser-known but fascinating outdoors people also fill the pages of “A  Sapir Sampler.” The Mixed Bag section includes not only many articles  on fishing and hunting, but also demonstrates the breadth of subject  matter related to the outdoors about which Sapir has written.

The first section, “Getting Started,” gives the reader a brief insight  into the influences in his life that led to Sapir producing the  thousands of articles he’s written.

The huge collection of articles is only available from the author. It  can be ordered for $29.50, plus $5, that is, $34.50 pre-paid. Checks  and money orders written either to Glenn Sapir, or to Ashmark  Communications, Inc., can be sent to 21 Shamrock Drive, Putnam Valley,  N.Y., 10579.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Glenn Sapir is the brother-in-law of Metro Sports  Report owner Jim Ecker.


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