Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Jim Ecker, President & Editor

Prospect Meadows

Freese had original idea for Prospect Meadows

If you've ever wondered how Prospect Meadows got started, just ask  Rick Freese.

It was his idea.

Freese had a chance to see some of the top baseball complexes in the  country when he traveled to special events with his grandson, Dakota  Freese, when Dakota was a promising young player in Cedar Rapids. Rick  began asking himself a simple question: Why can't we have a major  complex like these in Linn County for our kids?

The idea began to take shape roughly 13 years ago - he thinks it was  about 2006 - and that got him started.

"The light started coming on," he said last week.

The lights will begin shining at Prospect Meadows for real in three  short months when the new facility opens its doors to the public. The  opening ceremony is scheduled for May 23 at the new facility, located  at the juncture of Highway 13 and County Home Road north of Marion.

It's been approximately 13 years from conception to reality. Freese  smiles at the notion that opening day is nearly here.



Prospect Meadows has special Donor Wall

Tens of thousands of people will be coming to Prospect Meadows each  year and one of the first things they'll see is the eye-catching  Rotary Donor Wall at the new sports complex.

You can become a part of history at Prospect Meadows by having your  name on that wall. At the same time, you'll be making a valuable  contribution to the project.

For $500, you can have your name on one of the 600 baseballs on the  Rotary Donor Wall. And for $2,000, you can have your name on one of  the stars in the iconic structure.

The stainless steel Donor Wall is shaped like a map of Iowa with the  patriotic colors of red, white and blue in the likeness of an American  flag. The fundraising effort is being held in partnership with the  Metro Area Rotary Clubs.

You can put your family on the wall, you can put your business or  company on the wall, or you can dedicate one of the baseballs or stars  to something else you treasure.

You can request a red, white or blue ball. And all participants will  get a three-line inscription, with 12 characters on the first line, 13  characters on the second line and 12 characters on the third line.



MSR adds Prospect Meadows to website

The spanking new Prospect Meadows baseball and softball complex is set to open this May with eight regulation diamonds and the Miracle Field to serve the public.

In an exciting new development, the Metro Sports Report website will be there to cover Prospect Meadows every step of the way with stories and pictures at

In fact, the coverage begins right now.

"We are delighted to be covering Prospect Meadows this year," said Jim Ecker, the Metro Sports Report president. "This incredible new facility will make an enormous impact on our community, and as baseball and softball fans ourselves we want to keep everyone informed about all the events and exciting new developments."

The official Opening Day Ceremonies have been set for Thursday, May 23 at Prospect Meadows, which is located on 128 acres at the juncture of Highway 13 and County Home Road, just north of Marion.

Phase I will include eight regulation diamonds and the Miracle Field for children with special needs. Phase II, scheduled for completion in a few years, will include eight smaller fields for youth baseball and softball.



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